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Heine Brothers’ Coffee

Organic, Fair Trade, Loved by Louisville

One of Louisville’s original and beloved coffee shops happens to be in the heart of Falls City Market.

In addition to their famous rich, organic, fair trade coffees, Heine Brothers’ offers quick breakfast pastries, lattes, and juices in a relaxed coffeehouse setting.

The space features an “illuminating” art gallery that pays homage to Thomas Edison’s light installation that premiered at the Louisville Southern Exposition in the late 1800’s.


heine brothers coffee


And be sure to stop by in the afternoon to indulge in a gourmet pick-me-up, a scoop of gelato, or a homemade sweet treat from Gelato Gilberto, the local gelato maker, who spends time perfecting his recipes in Italy each year.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
After 4pm, guests can grab coffee at Neighborhood Services!